Clear Stand on Corrupt Politicians in Your Party: Rashid tells PDP



Independent MLA and Awami Itehad Party chief Er Rashid Wednesday said that his party welcomes PDP-BJP government’s decision to terminate services of 63 tainted and incompetent officials.

In a statement Rashid said, “Any such move which any government takes to improve governance and eradicate corruption needs to be appreciated but government has to be very neutral and unbiased while making such important decisions as these decisions can have long term very good results, if taken beyond self interests and political considerations. However, as the power flows from the top and in the democratic form of governance it is politicians who control the bureaucracy, therefore any political dispensation needs to take a high moral ground, but unfortunately the current Mufti regime seems to have lost that ground as it has given political asylum to most corrupt bureaucrats including Asgar Ali, Khurshid Alam, Mehboob Iqbal and many others. Not only that but has also designated many of these crocodiles as MLCs from various quotas of legislative Council, which has become a rehabilitation centre for the politicians rejected by people and retired blue eyed bureaucrats.”

He further said, “may Mufti explain if he is so keen to eradicate corruption why doesn’t he dare to take action against Dr Farooq Abdullah and Aslam Goni in the cricket scam. PDP must explain how come could Dilawar Mir be still in the party if he has been convicted? How did Raja Aijaz Ali whom PDP termed as main accused in Syed Yousuf murder case become so pious that he became Mufti’s darling? The coalition partner BJP also needs to give an answer that before celebrating termination of 63 government officials,  how did the party allowed those 6 MLAs back to their party who had as per BJPs own revelations taken a bribe of Rs 5 Crore from previous coalition government to seek their vote for then MLC elections. Why no formal FIR was lodged against the BJP MLAs and the one who gave them the money? The government has also not taken any action against the politicians involved in Gulmarg Land Scam or Rural Development Departments electrification scam and has helped them rather by handing over the cases to already dead State Accountability Commission. Even in PDP there are persons who have been convicted by State Accountability Commission and there are many NC former Ministers and leaders against whom very serious charges of corruption are known to everybody, but when it comes to politicians they are all one to bail out each other”.


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