Closure of educational institutions for elections ‘hypocritical move’: KUSU    

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The banned students body Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) Wednesday alleged that the closure of the educational institutions in the state on eve of elections is “hypocritical move” by state government as it is done by the “occupying regime”.

“It’s done officially in the name of elections,” the statement said. “The Indian authorities and its proxies have time and again for the past few weeks turned many educational institutes into either polling booths or military garrisons.” The statement said when educational institutions are closed in view of separatist strike, the same is criticized by mainstream parties.

The statement issued on the day when many educational institutions in North Kashmir have turned into polling Booths, claimed some of the educational institutes have even been shut for three to four days. “The North campus of Kashmir University has been turned into a distribution centre for polling,” the statement informed. “All the academic activities in the schools, colleges and University of the North Kashmir districts like other parts of the state have been suspended. Not only that but over a thousand youth have been detained most of them being students and thus hampering their career.”

“At one end Indian proxies blame pro resistance leaders for blocking the path of students to enter the premises of the educational institutes but at the same time the government is using educational hubs as the resting rooms and control centres for the paramilitary forces to ensure that the elections are held.”

KUSU vehemently condemns the “hypocrisy of the government” and “dual stands” with the students who are “losing their precious time” for the supposedly democratic process.

“KUSU questions the sincerity of the government that if it were that sincere in their efforts to educate the youth of Kashmir, it would have used other government buildings in the districts where elections were underway,” the statement said.

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