CM Condemns Derogative, Aggressive Posture Of BJP MLA Against Lady Minister

KL Report


Chief Minister Omar Abdullah strongly condemned the derogative and aggressive posture exhibited by BJP legislator Jugal Kishore in the legislative house today against the lady member and minister for social welfare Sakina Itoo.

“The incident that took place in the house today downs our head with shame. At one side we talk of protecting women and giving them respect and on the other side the elected representatives demonstrate such a disrespectful and aggressive behaviour against a lady member. This deserves to be condemned with strongest words”, the chief minister lamented and expressed his condemnation and dismay   over the behaviour of BJP member. “What kind of disciplinary action speaker is going to take for this indiscipline, I leave that to him”, he said and strongly disapproved the behaviour of BJP MLA.

The BJP MLA Jugal Kishore was suspended for the rest of the Budget Session by the speaker after taking consent of the house in this regard over a motion moved by minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Law.


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