CM First Time Endorses CBI Report On Shopian In Public

KL Report


First time since the mysterious death of two women in south Kashmir’s Shopian district in April 2009, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah endorsed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) report describing the deaths as a case of drowning and denying allegations of rape or murder. The relatives of the victims as also the common people in Shopian have dismissed the CBI inquiry as fabricated and Chief Minister had so far never endorsed the CBI findings publicly.

Speaking on the adjournment motion on spate of killings in Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister regretted that due to inexperience he revealed part of the preliminary inquiry on Shopian deaths in 2009, which suggested the two women had drowned. He said that he should have parried the question and told reporters to wait for the final report of the investigation conducted at that time.

Chief Minister’s acknowledgement on the basis of preliminary investigation and subsequently Justice Muzaffar Jan Commission’s report pointing fingers on “some security agency” for raping and murdering the women—Asiya Jaan and Neelofar Bano—build the common perception. However, the CBI inquiry reversed it through its inquiry.

“The CBI inquiry revealed the truth about Shopian deaths”, the Chief Minister said while endorsing the report.

Pertinently, Omar Abdullah in a message to people aired through official media had declared Asiya and Neelofar as his sisters and vowed to give justice to them. “My conscience will not be satisfied until justice is given to these sisters”, Chief Minister had said in his message.



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