CM’s Helplessness, An Account Of Surrender Of Authority: PDP

KL Report


After the boycott of the current assembly session, legislators of Peoples Democratic Party met here today under the leadership of Mehbooba Mufti said the worst was witnessed in government’s brazen attempt to conceal truth and refuse to acknowledge its failures and mis- governance. Ruling class has become oblivious and insensitive and was hell bent to further vitiate the peace and tranquility of the state.

“Chief Minister’s admission of helplessness was a telling account of surrender of authority. But worst was witnessed when the ruling class refused to assert for dignity and honour of the institution”, observed the PDP legislators.

As per a party statement the legislators lament on the government’s callous attitude also towards the institutions which are witness to progressive downfall and degeneration. Even the assembly was reduced to a theatre by the ruling class who day in and day out enacted dramas and exhibited  utter disregard for  norms of business and respect for elected representatives and their views and sentiments. They said most of the time it was felt that the ruling class made deliberate attempts to make mockery of the serious issues and did not hesitate from use of force to muzzle the genuine voice. The august forum was rendered useless with no regard for its sanctity and authority and ruling class felt happy at compromising its legitimacy, the PDP legislature group felt.

“It has become a ritual with National Conference leaders to thrive on uncertainty,” the PDP legislators observed adding that is why the loss of lives and property followed by increasing stringency has become order of the day.

The legislature party took stock of the situation arising out of killings at Srinagar and the subsequent imposition of curfew in various parts of Kashmir.

PDP legislators said that onus is now on the Indian civil society to bring the Jammu and Kashmir state out of the present morass and provide an honorable way out from state of helplessness. If they also fail in their duty to rise to the occasion the situation brewing up in the state will cause a serious damage to entire polity, they cautioned.


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