CM’s Pak, Syria Remark: Malik says, ‘Mehbooba Trying to Cover-up HR Violations’


MalikThe Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Wednesday said that hypocrisy has been the trade mark of “pro-India politicians” of Jammu Kashmir from 1947 till today.

In a statement issued here the party said, while asking for votes these politicians wear green and swear by Azadi and Pakistan and after assuming power start abusing and accusing both. “Mehbooba Mufti’s, Azadi and Pakistan bashing falls in the same category of hypocritical politics.”

The statement said that the “custodial killings” at Sarai Bala shows the real face of India and its “Kashmiri stooges”.

JKLF chairperson, Muhammad Yasin Malik while reacting to Mehbooba Mufti’s latest remarks in which she had said that it was police that saved Kashmir from turning into another Pakistan, Iraq or Syria, said, “Mehbooba Jee is trying to justify police and forces atrocities and human rights violations and is also trying to please her masters in Delhi by demonizing Pakistan etc.”

He said that she is the same lady who for votes used to wear green robes, used to talk about Pakistan being a party to Kashmir dispute, and used to visit Pakistan, meet Pakistani leaders and even held joint press conferences with them. “It was she who used to shed tears on corpse of martyrs and raise slogans against same police for killings of innocent people in Jammu Kashmir. Through these gestures she used to give notion to common people that she was close to Pakistan and ironically some Pakistani leaders also provided her a chance to do these political gimmicks and at times by their misdeeds justified so-called election politics in Jammu Kashmir.”

Malik said that this has been an old ploy of these Kashmiri “pro-India” leaders and politicians.

“While going to people and wooing them for votes these opportunists praise Azadi, Pakistan and became ‘pseudo separatists” but when they get power they start accusing, abusing and demonizing Azadi, Pakistan and pro-Azadi people,” He added.

Malik said that while referring to Syria, Iraq and Pakistan, Mehbooba Jee should remember that what Kashmiris have seen is no less than these places. “It is her police and forces that have killed more than one Lakh people in Jammu Kashmir and it is her police and forces that only one day before killed two young boys in custody at Sairai Bala.”

He said, “Mehbooba Jee should read history carefully and she will come to know that politics of gimmicks, hypocrisy and double-face will yield her nothing but shame at the end.”

Meanwhile Yasin Malik today visited Saraibala Srinagar where only a day before two youth were killed in custody.

The statement said that Malik visited the house where they were boarding and was informed by people about the circumstances in which both youth were killed after being taken into custody.

“Malik was also informed by people about the family with whom these two martyrs were living as tenants and about the SOG party that killed these boys looted this family and golden ornaments worth Lakhs. This poor family has been left shattered by this loot and people are protesting against this criminal behavior of forces.”

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