Coalition government responsible for killing of Sarpanchs: Dr Jitendra

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Accusing the National Conference (NC)-Congress coalition government of being responsible for recurrent killings of Panchs and Sarpanchs in Kashmir Valley, Bhartiya Janata Party National Executive Member and Lok Sabha candidate from Udhampur constituency, Dr Jitendra Singh Wednesday said that the Panchs and Sarpanchs have become victims of double assault. “On the one hand, due to deliberate delay by State government in the implementation of 73rd amendment of Indian constitution, the Panchs and Sarpanchs were deprived of adequate administrative and financial empowerment which made them vulnerable to the disenchantment and anger of their electorate, while on the other hand, despite repeated pleas, the NC led government refused to give them adequate security,” he said.

Addressing a press conference in Srinagar, Dr Jitendra Singh recalled that BJP was the first political party to have demanded introduction of 73rd and 74th  amendments soon after the Panchayat elections were announced three years ago but at that time the Government did not heed the advice  because in that case the huge central grant meant for Panchayats would have gone straight to Panchs and Sarpanchs instead of being routed through NC and Congress ministers.

“It is strange that National Conference which makes clamor for autonomy for cares little about granting autonomy to local bodies,” he quipped.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, the people of Kashmir were misled by the National conference leadership which had all along  cited Article 370 as the reason for not introducing 73rd and 74th amendments of Indian constitution and added that the results are now for everybody to see in the light of  the fact that most of the killings of Panchs and Sarpanchs have taken place in Kashmir valley.

“Article 370 has been used by parties like National Conference as an alibi to suit their convenience at the cost of the interest of a common Kashmiri,” alleged  Dr Jitendra Singh and added that the case of Panchs and Sarpanchs is a fit example to prove the point.

He said, “in 1975 when Indira Gandhi Government brought in 45th amendment of constitution to increase the term of parliament and state assembly from five years to six years, the then Sheikh Abdullah government immediately adopted it notwithstanding Article 370 but when the same term was reversed back from six years to five years through 48th amendment under Janata party regime, the National Conference government in the state refused to reverse it citing the excuse of Article 370.  Has this benefitted a common Kashmiri or was it only meant to benefit a particular party and a particular family,” he asked.

Singh said, the people of Kashmir, particularly youth are no longer ready to be misled by National Conference and Congress, and added the BJP is committed to take up the role of a viable mainstream opposition party in Kashmir.


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