‘Collaborators’ holding random meets to cover-up ‘repression perpetuated by state’: Mirwaiz


Hurriyat Conference (m) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was once barred from offering Friday prayers at Jamia Masjid Srinagar and participate in the blood donation camp organized in the vicinity of Jamia Masjid in connection with “Hafta-e shahadat” programs, a spokesperson of the amalgam said in a statement issued here.

Speaking to the gathering at Jamia Masjid over phone, Mirwaiz strongly condemned the rulers for their “aggressive and dictatorial approach” in dealing with resistance leadership especially in the context of slapping of PSA on the ailing head of Dukhtaran-e-Millat Asiya Andrabi and her colleague Fehmida Sofi and shifting them to a jail in Jammu.

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

Mirwaiz said while we are forcibly disallowed from even commemorating our beloved martyrs or peacefully protest, the “tyranny of lawless laws” like the infamous PSAs imposed on us with impunity, by being repeatedly detained at homes or in jails, efforts are on by the “collaborators” to host random meets in order to create a false smoke screen of business as usual and all is well kind of impression and divert attention from the reality of Kashmir and the severe repression perpetrated by the state upon the people.

Mirwaiz said such diversionary tactics and thrusting of bans and curbs to contain the situation and maintain the status quo will not work. “People of Kashmir and the leadership are clear that our political will has to honored and it is for this cause that great sacrifices have been made and are being made by one and all in Kashmir. No amount of tyranny, coercion, vilification intimidation or threats by the powers that rule over us can ,through their agencies including sections of their media, deter the leadership and people from pursuing their rightful cause.”

Mirwaiz said It should not be construed as our weakness that we keep pressing and asking for resolution of the dispute but our deep desire to see an end to the suffering and misery of our people due to political uncertainty that surrounds them as a consequence of the unfulfilled promises made to them by the leadership of India and endorsed by the world.

He said, “We do not wish ill for any nation and we seek peace and prosperity for all, more than anything else. We may be a small nation and no match to the military might of those who control our territory but we are firm on our belief in the justness of our cause and its realization Inshallah. We also believe that the world and most people in India recognize and acknowledge our struggle though they may not openly admit it due to various internal and external constraints and interests involved. But over time truth and people’s will, will prevail.”

Mirwaiz appealed the people to make the programme of 21st may a success and participate in large numbers in paying homage to their beloved leaders.



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