Congress, BJP Criticize Masrat’s Release

KL Report


Congress on Sunday criticised the release of top separatist leader Masrat Alam Bhat and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi whether Masrat was a “political prisoner”.

“There is no difference between the Indian government’s outlook and that of Pakistan’s if the former did not perceive Masrat as a terrorist,” Congress leader Manish Tivari said.

“The fundamental question which the Prime Minister should answer is Masarat Alam a political prisoner or a terrorist? If he is a political prisoner then, that it is precisely what Pakistan also says, then what is the difference between our government and Pakistan?” Tewari reportedly said.

Masrat was yesterday released from Baramulla prison following the Mufti government’s announcement to free political prisoners who do not face criminal charges.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir unit of the BJP’s youth wing held a protest in Jammu against the release of Masrat Alam.

Terming Masarat Alam as anti-national who would further fuel militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, the protesters demanded his immediate arrest. “We will never tolerate the release of an anti-national leader who is a threat to the national security,” BJP protesters said.


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