Congress Party Against Separate Settlement of KPs



Reacting to the assertions made by Minister of State for Home Affairs in Parliament that there was no proposal under consideration of Government of India to withdraw the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from J&K, Congress Wednesday blamed ruling PDP for “misleading people” over the issue of AFSPA revocation.

“Tall claims about the act is a political gimmick and political drama being staged by PDP to mislead the people,” a Congress statement said this evening.

“The deputy Home Minister’s claim has not only exposed the dual standards of the Peoples Democratic Party but also  indicates that the so-called agenda of PDP with regard to AFSPA was nothing but an attempt to hoodwink the people for the sake of securing votes from them and coming into power,” the statement alleged.

“The assertions made in the Parliament is indicative of PDP’s double speak over the issue, whatever this party (PDP) has been claiming or saying especially during election period were for local consumption, but the reality is that PDP has surrendered everything for the sake of Power and is misleading people on controversial issues like AFSPA and Self Rule,” the statement added.

“The promises made by PDP during their poll campaign about AFSPA, has proved a blatant lie, the deputy Home Minister’s claim in Parliament is indicative of that, PDP leadership is in habit of misleading people on controversial issues by playing with their emotions only for the sake of power,” it said.

Lashing out at PDP-BJP coalition over the fresh directions from Ministry of Home affairs for identifying separate land for Kashmir Pandits, the statement said, “Congress Party from day one is making serious efforts for the return of Kashmir Pandits to their homeland and their permanent settlement at their native places with dignity. Any move to rehabilitate them at isolated places won’t serve any purpose and they (Pandit brethren) will continue to remain   in isolation in their own homeland.”

“Congress Party will continue to strive hard for return of Kashmir Pandit to their homeland and their settlement at their native places with dignity,” the statement asserted.

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