Congress Playing Hindu Cards In Jammu

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To woo Hindu heartland ahead of next elections, Congress, believed to be secular, in Jammu is playing quasi BJP by focusing on the Hindutva cards.

Accompanied by Swami Hardyanand Ji Maharaj, deputy Chief Minister was guest guest in function organized by Jammu and Kashmir Gao Raksha Samiti to  celebrate Gita Jayanti at Gao Shala Bhawan, Ambphalla.

Speaking on the occasion, the deputy Chief Minister congratulated the Samiti and lauded their efforts for looking after the cows and their progeny.

“Cow is also called Gao Mata because like a human being she also nourishes the child in its womb for nine months, her milk is like nectar to human being,” said Tara Chand.

Earlier, the President, Surinder Sharma Shastri highlighted the significance of the day and informed that about 300 cows and their progeny which are mostly old, ailing, unproductive and unclaimed are managed by the Samiti.
Meanwhile,  the minister for Technical Education, Youth Affairs and Sports, R.S. Chib  asked the youth to follow the preaching’s of Shrimad Baghwat Geeta Ji.

Chib was addressing a large congregation organised by Swami Kumar Ji Geeta Satsang Ashram to celebrate 5124 Geeta Yanti Divas at Muthi Jammu.

Talking about the relevance of religious scriptures in present times, Chib said, “Lord Krishna had put light on every aspects of the about the reality of every sphere of mankind and life delivering pravachan to Shri Guru Arjun Dev Ji Mehraj when they refused to cast arrows on his own relatives in the battle ground.”

The Minister said that Shrimad Bagwat Geeta is the complete guideline to be followed in life, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

“The centuries old written holly book must studied read by everyone to follows its teachings of Lord Krishna,” he said adding that the holly book teaches betterment of the humanity and is  relevant even today and has a wide appeal and great impact on the ground.”

Congratulating the Ashram for celebrating the Geeta Janti, Chib said that according to Rajtarangni every part of Kashmir is protected by Saints and Reshies and this has been proved a number of times.”

On the occasion, the minister announced Rs. 4 lakhs from his CDF for the construction of community hall in the Ashram.

The Minister also announced Rs. 5100 each for two youth Anil Bali and Rohit Bali for their outstanding contribution in teaching the youth the Shrimad Bagwad Geeta


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