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Dy CM- CSC Meeting-29Congress has decided that the cabinet sub committee led by its top man in the government, the Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand, will submit the report on creation of new administrative units by February 1. However, the report is expected to seek answers to the funding part of the new units that eventually wil be created.

Congress sources told Kashmir Life from Delhi that there are 2103 administrative units that exist right now. The Mushtaq Ahmad Ganai report that working on the issue for four and a half years recommended creation of 955 units. Finally when the cabinet acknowledged disparities in the report’s recommendations, the cabinet sub committee was set up by Chief Minister. In slightly more than half year of its existence, it has received demands for creation of 2133 units in addition to what Ganai report suggested.

Implementation of Ganai committee report would require Rs 3455 crore of expenditure and in case the CSC recommendations any additions, it will add up to costs.

Indications suggest the CSC will seek prudent financial assessment before opting for any additional creations. It is expected to seek a threadbare discussion on the options available.

While the reportage on the issue has suggested a discordant approach by the ruling partners, insiders in the two parties said there are not many differences. “There is near consensus on the demand that all the Panchayats should be patwar halqas,” a Congress minister said. “Right now, we have more panchayat’s and less patwar halqas.”

Meanwhile the CSC met at Jammu. An official spokesman said the CSC had a detailed deliberations on various representations received by it. The CSC discussed in detail various issues to be taken under consideration while deciding creation of new administrative units in different regions and sub-regions of the state, the spokesman said. The meeting decided that regional imbalance, area discrimination particularly in hilly and tough terrains as well as issues left unattended by the Ganai Committee would be taken under deliberation before finalizing the report.

The spokesman said the Deputy Chief Minister instructed the revenue secretary to submit before CSC the set of norms and minimum parameters to be followed for creation of new administrative units at different levels in the next CSC meeting.


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