‘Contingent Paid Workers’ protest, demand regularization

KL News Network


The Contingent Paid Workers (CPW) of education department Thursday staged protests here appealing Education Minister Nayeem Akhtar to fulfil their demands.

Shouting slogans the CPWs working as sweepers, watchmen and cooks in different government schools assembled at Press Enclave and held protests pressing for redressal of their grievances.

The protesters said that all but 4400 posts lye vacant in the Education Department while from past four years against these available posts only the services of sixty employees were regularized.

“We have been discharging the duties in schools on a meager monthly salary of rupees five hundred. The governments should either ensure our regularization or should start engaging people to perform the duties that we have been performing over the years,” Hilal Ahmed Najar told CNS.

“We have lost our respect among our families, our children are taunting us for wasting our life in serving government for free, our grandchildren even make fun of us, but the government has never taken our issues seriously which is really a matter of distress,” he added.

The protesters appealed Education Minister to regularize them under Minimum Wages Act. (CNS)


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