J&K suffered a loss of Rs 169 Crores for not conducting Urban, Local bodies election

Aakash Hassan


The Jammu and Kashmir government on Thursday stated that the state has suffered a loss of Rs 169.2895 Cr for not conducting the local bodies elections for the past four years.

In a written reply in the on going budget session, the state government said, “The losses to the tune of Rs 169.2895 Crores were sustained on account of withholding the Central Assistance to the State for not conducting the Local   Bodies Election for the past 4 years.”

However the reason for not conducting these elections has not been mentioned.

“The Government is contemplating to conduct the Elections of Municipal Corporation,” Local Bodies, “documents state, and the issue is under active consideration of government.”

The date for the election is still to be finalized and the documents mention that it will be “finalized in consultation with Chief Electoral Officer.”


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