Geelani takes a dig at PM Modi, says his statement full of flaws

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Syed Ali Geelani (KL Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Octogenarian Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani Thursday criticised PM Modi for his “rhetoric” about state terrorism and said that his statement is irrelevant and full of “flaws” as India itself is violating all norms and involved in “sponsored terrorism” in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, Geelani said, “The terrorism we are facing is unprecedented and no part of earth witness and experience brutalities promoted and sponsored by India and its henchmen in occupied state.”

The octogenarian leader said that it is unreasonable to blame Pakistan as that country is suffering and facing “sponsored terrorism” by neighbouring country.

“Indian forces have turned state into hell and repeated bloodshed and massacre’s of innocent people.”

Lashing at the Union governmeot, Geelani said that Modi never comes with reality about its “brutal” forces and never utters a single wore about “brutalities” committed by its forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

The ailing leader said that no doubt the innocent killings are unacceptable and we should condemn it, however “state sponsored terrorism” is more serious and “treacherous” and all we need is to condemn it and take measures to check it.

“It is ridiculous to blame Pakistan. The Indian politicians never take notice of the terrorism and excesses perpetrated by Delhi and its forces.”

Geelani said that Pakistan is facing “compound terrorism” from many quarters and has rendered enormous sacrifices to safe guard the country.

Condemning the rhetoric about blaming Pakistan, Geelani said that people in state are facing worst ever situation and “Indian forces” are “brutally killing” innocents, ransacking properties, trampling fundamental rights and detaining youth under infamous and black laws.

He said that more than 100 youth were brutally killed, 20 thousand maimed, scores lost their eye sight and near about five thousand were arrested by “Delhi groomed” rulers.
“It is even more strange that people were arrested irrespective of their age and gender and police not only arrested minors but even ailing and elderly aged more than 80 year were lodged in jails and police lock ups.”

Geelani, who is under house detention, said that no part on earth is witnessing such type of “state terrorism” as we are experiencing in Jammu and Kashmir.

Geelani said that virtually India has turned state into forces garrison. “This is the depressing satiation in Kashmir and Mr Modi has no word about all this and prefers to keep mum.”


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