Convey Teachings of Islam to Non-Muslims: Amir-e-Jama’at says in Jammu



Amir Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI) Jammu and Kashmir Ghulam Mohammad Bhat returned Srinagar yesterday after five day visit to Jammu region.

Bhat delivered Dars-e-Quran in annual Ijtimah of District Rajouri in which he addressed crisis faced by Muslims in Jammu and its adjoining areas, a statement from JeI said this evening.

“Muslims from Jammu and its adjoining areas should not lose hope because of the prevailing political situation. History is witness that in every time and space, Muslims face worst kind of state of affairs but the believers of Almighty Allah accepts all challenges and they succeed,” Amir Jama’at said.

On the occasion, “he urged Muslim community of the region to show unity so that the nefarious plans of ill minded forces will not succeed,”

“Muslims in Jammu are facing multiple problems and the only way to come out from such crisis is to grip the Qur’an in letter and spirit and become helpful for your brethren,” he said.

Bhat urged that need of the hour is to convey teachings of Islam to non-Muslim community “so that they know what reality is?”

Meanwhile, the JeI statement said, Bhat met people from different quarters of society who apprised him the current political and social status in the region.


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