Coronavirus: 14 Kashmiris Quarantined In Punjab Will Return Post Lockdown

SRINAGAR: At the last moment, the government has cancelled getting the 14 individuals who have completed the 14-days quarantine in Punjab. The cancellation came at the last moment after the Government of India asserted that there will be no moment till the lockdown is in place, informed sources said.

A senior officer in the administration said the government had arranged the transport and other facilities for getting the 14 persons home after they completed their mandatory fortnight-long quarantine period in Punjab. Well before they could have been driven home, the directions came that no movement will be permitted till the lockdown is in place.

“We will have to wait till the lockdown is over,” the officer, holding an important position, said.

Another senior officer late last night confirmed that the 14 students are girls who have completed their quarantine of 14 days and are stranded at Amritsar. “We are unable to do anything, right now,” he said.

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