Coronavirus: 300 Meters Surrounding Residences of Individuals Tested Positive Being Isolated

SRINAGAR: In quick follow up to the detection of the two additional positive cases of Coronavirus, the authorities have decided to isolate the locations by around 300 meters in radius. Authorities are seeking cooperation so that the virus’s infection chain breaks.

“Teams are on ground as per SOP. We need to be more alert and cooperative,” Srinagar Deputy Commissioner, Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary tweeted. “Just to keep everyone informed that 300Mtr radius surrounding area has been isolated and teams are on job. This is a routine precautionary exercise and for daily health assessment. Pl cooperate with teams in field.”

The two cases were detected on Tuesday. One of them had returned from Urmah in Saudi Arabia and another had returned from a religious meeting in Delhi. One belongs to Natipora and another to Hyderpora, two localities of Srinagar. One of the two was already admitted with clear symptoms, doctors at Chest Disease Hospital said.

Coronavirus: Two more persons test positive in Kashmir

The detection of new cases has already pushed the health sector to get into the emergency gear. Now the authorities are hiring all the doctors who have retired for one year to ensure the crisis is managed well. Deputy Commissioner Srinagar had asked “Non-Govt Doctors and Paramedics who may wish to volunteer for community services along with our outstanding doc colleagues in pry healthcare & surveillance may join District Disaster Management Authority” to contact them on mail ID:   [email protected]. The government will provide them “Vehicles, Personal protection equipment, security, accommodation and food/ logistics etc” through District Disaster Management Authority.

The response to the tweet amazed Choudhary: “I can’t believe this! 36 mails in 5 minutes. Confident #Kashmir against #COVID . Pl send Name, Age, Qualification, Mobile, Address, Accommodation needed(Yes/No), any special requirement. we will get in touch by evening. Love you all.”

Coronavirus: Kashmir Hospitals Desperate To Improve Critical Requirements

The health department has already started a lookout for the senior doctors and medical professionals who may no more be in service. “Retired doctors to be hired against vacancies on contract for one year for #FightagainstCorona in underserved areas. Decision in emergency meeting of Advisory Council,” one tweeted.

At the same time, however, the authorities are still hunting the travellers who skipped the mandatory screening. “Team lead by colleague Mr Masarat Hashim KAS and involving brilliant professionals tracked more than 65 people who returned from affected countries skipping screening & changing routes. Amazing job. Srinagar thankful to all for inputs,” reads another tweet by Srinagar Deputy Commissioner.

Meanwhile, Srinagar will get its last pre-lock down flight by next one hour. This, a police official at the airport said will help ease the situation as no new people will fly home. There were many people who were straightway driven to quarantine facilities from the airport on Tuesday.


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