Coronavirus: Govt Adds 2 More, Tally Reaches 278

SRINAGAR: The government said the tally of the Covid-19 positive cases has reached 278 as two more cases came positive.

The tally suggests that the numbers of the positive cases is thining, the recoveries are also taking place. The two news cases have come from Jammu.

The two cases are from Jammu and include a doctor working at Batra hospital while other is said to be a sweeper.

“The doctor is a gastroenterologist. He is 34 years of age and works in our hospital,” Dr Pawan Malhotra, Director Principal and Professor to Pharmacology and Therapeutics, ASCOMS & Hospital said.

GMC Srinagar sources said they have been able to manage as many as 1505 sample tests for Covid-19, so far. Of them, 93 have tested positive.


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