Coronavirus: Not Every Infected Dies, Hospitals Start Declaring Patients Recovered

SRINAGAR: Not everybody infected by the Coronavirus will die. Kashmir’s first Coronavirus victim has reported negative in test after spending a fortnight in the hospital. The lady from Khayam belt in Srinagar is not the only person who has improved and recovered. Two other cases have done it as well in Jammu. In Ladakh, the first place in erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir, where the crisis was reported. Three patients have fully recovered and are in the process of going home, albeit a week or 10 days later.

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SKIMS Nodal Officer, Dr G N Yatoo told reporters that the 67-year old lady has recovered. She had been recommended the drugs that the WHO has suggested. A recent test shows she carried no infection at all but she will have to stay in the quarantine ward for 14 more days.

Interestingly, the lady who flew from Umrah in the middle of March was the first positive case of the Coronavirus in Kashmir. However, none of her immediate family tested positive – not even her husband, who accompanied her to the pilgrimage.

Yatoo’s formal statement came the day when three more patients positive – all in Jammu, taking the overall infection population in Jammu and Kashmir to 41.

Reports from Ladakh, the part of erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir where the virus first appeared, said three patients who had earlier tested positive have recovered. Now the region has only 10 patients at various stages of recovery. The region has not reported a new case for the last 10 days now even though a good chunk of population in Kargil and Leh are under quarantine.

Unlike Kashmir and Jammu, Ladakh lacks a bio-safety laboratory-3 (BSL-3). It is sending its samples to Delhi and many samples are yet to get the test results. Now the BJP MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal has sanctioned one crore rupees from his MPLAD funds for setting up the crucial laboratory. Part of the fund will go into providing personal protection equipment (PPE), including face masks, gloves and sanitizer kits for medical personnel, police and para-military personnel so that they are able to function efficiently by minimising the risk of transmission. Besides the UT administration is setting up a Covid-19 hospital, one each in Leh and Kargil. In Leh, it will be located in the Mahabodhi Society Hospital and in Kargil GNM School is being converted into a Covid-19 hospital.

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Globally, the total infected case – as at this point of time of filing the report, are at 724565. Of them 511753 are in mild condition, 26,719 are in a critical state, 152,076 have recovered and gone home leaving 34,017 dead to be laid at rest. The infection has spread to 199 countries. Of more than 1000 cases, almost 100 patients have recovered fully in India after reporting 29 deaths so far.


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