Coronavirus: One More Died, Kashmir Pandemic Toll Is 3 Now

SRINAGAR: A Hajin resident who was admitted to the SMHS hospital on Monday died late at night. POsthumouysly he was declared a Covid-19 positive patient, official sources said.

“The patient had come with fever, breathlessness and cough and was immediately admitted,” Dr M SAlim Khan, the spokesman for the GMC’s Allied Hospitals said. “He died late at around 10 pm.”

DR Khan said he was suspected to be Covid-19 patients and his samples were quickly collected and sent for processing. “Since we knew that he was suspected, we kept his body separate for the night. This morning, we got the results and he was Covid-19 positive.”

Hospital sources said the patient was of around 53 years of age. He belonged to Hajin belt in Bandipore. Doctors said the deceased lacked any travel history outside his village.

With 16 Covid-19 positive cases, Bandipore is second major impacted district after Srinagar.


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