Coronavirus: Prosecution Proceedings Initiated Against Principal Degree College Tral


Prosecution Proceedings has been initiated against Principal Degree College Tral for violating orders of District Administration and for not providing the requisite equipment including LPG Gas Heaters, Electric heaters, Generator Sets, Computer Systems for the newly established quarantine facilities.

Action has been initiated under section 51(1) of the Disaster Management Act 2005 against the official for his failure to perform duties assigned to him and for obstructing the government functionaries in discharging their duties.

Moreover, Section 188 IPC has also been invoked in this regard.

Earlier termination notices were issued to two employees of District Tuberculosis Centre who were found absent while District Magistrate was inspecting the Covid-19 preparations at the centre.

District Magistrate reiterated that any laxity on the part of government functionaries involved in discharging duties related to COVID-19 shall be dealt as per the Disaster Management Act 2005 and relevant penal provisions. He advised the Government employees to be proactive and make an extra effort in the times of COVID-19.


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