Coronavirus: Resolute response will show positive results, says Dr Farooq


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference Party President and Member of Parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah on Saturday appreciated the resolve of the people of J&k against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying the resolute response of the people will eventually bear positive results.

While appreciating the exertion and toil of numerous agencies and scores of ground staffers, working day in, day out to combat the COVID-19, party president said the efforts of the government agencies could not bore satisfying results but for the help of people, who despite incurring heavy losses are determinant to encumber the viral spread from J&K.

“The determination with which the people of J&k have united their efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 is inspiring. People from all walks of life are showing resoluteness to impede the sprawl. The role played by religious scholars has been very positive all through the lockdown. I am in no doubt that with this kind of concord amongst the different agencies of government and people; we indeed will sail through the crisis in no time. I congratulate the frontal staff and numerous local bodies workers for their work and keeping effective amenities operational. Now that the term of lockdown is nearing an end, it is expected of the government to take a final call keeping in view the greater good of the society.  Unquestionably it is the health that should come first, everything else comes second. I look forward to a day, almost immediately, when all of us will again resume our work and socialize. If it requires some more efforts, we should be ready to manage.”

Party President said that the religion of Islam is very particular about sanitation and that in future people should maintain extremely high standards of personal hygiene. “Islam emphasizes on both spiritual and physical hygiene.  Islam describes cleanliness as half of faith. In fact all the religions have cleanliness at the center of their teachings. I congratulate the religious outfits, organizations for their efforts. May Almighty redeem us from the current crisis, May those who have lost the battle against COVID-19 find eternal peace. I again reiterate my unison with all the families who have lost their loved ones to the COVID-19 outbreak.”


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