Corornavirus: What about Overcrowded JK Bank Branches?

SRINAGAR: Authorities have closed school, restricted movement of people to the high offices and suspended the public transport. The employees of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank are asking what is the advisory for them given they have huge footfalls and have to have more interactions in the social distancing era.

RK Chibber

“My branch is crowded as people are coming with requests to withdraw cash,” one branch manager said, asserting that during tensions the people wish to stay liquid. “How can tell them not to come and how to manage their requirements?”

Unlike Srinagar, reports said the bank branches are overcrowded in the Kashmir periphery. Given the last ten days of the financial year, the crowds are only going to get thicker in the coming days. There are people who wish to withdraw cash and then there are people who are coming to see if the remittances have come from the people or institutions they are used to getting the cash from. Even the crowds are coming to enquire of the bills that have been passed by various government departments have cleared and deposited their money in their accounts.

The bank executive had earlier been told that they should ensure the hand sanitizers are around and there are proper distancing and adequate sanitation. Employees, however, said is all this adequate?


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