Coronavirus: Section 144 imposed in Kupwara district, Public transport suspended

Srinagar:  In wake of Coronavirus pandemic, District Magistrate Kupwara has ordered imposition of restriction on public Movement under section 144 in the district with immediate effect.

Restrictions have been imposed on public movement, assembly, gathering or procession involving five or more than five persons in the entire district including villages and towns.

According to the order issued by the DM Kupwara, whereas, whereas health advisory has been issued in view of the situation emerged due to spread of Coronavirus which has affected several countries across the world.

“Whereas, vide this office order No: DCK/PS/2020/398-410 Dated I6-03-2O2O an advisory has already been issued for avoiding large gatherings Of assembly at public places across the district in addition in several preventive measures,” reads the order.

The order reads whereas, it has been observed that the transmission of the said disease may increase rapidly in case prescribed preventive measures/protocols are not followed strictly.

“Whereas, in the interest of public health and to prevent die spread of the disease, it has become imperative for the administration to impose further restrictions on gatherings and movement of public transport,” said the order.

“Whereas, a positive case has been reported in Srinagar on 18-03-2020 that calls for urgent preventive measures for social distancing lo prevent the spread of the disease,” it reads.

“Now, therefore in view of above I Anshul Garg (IAS) District Magistrate Kupwara in the exercise of powers vested me under section 144 Crpc, do hereby impose restrictions on public gathering of more than five persons and movement of public transport throughout the district,” it further reads.

“However, the employees and vehicles pertaining to essential services shall be exempted from the purview of this order. In view of extreme urgency, it would not be possible to serve the order individually and hence the same is issued ex-parte,” the order reads.

“The order shall come into effect immediately and remain in force till further orders,” reads the order issued by district magistrate Kupwara.


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