Corruption at its Peak as ECI Luring Helpless Voters, says Geelani

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Chairman Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani Sunday in his gratitude to people of the state said that the elections conducted under the shadow of gun, coercion and   through covetousness have no legal, moral or constitutional justification and urged people that they should not let loose their sprits as these elections won’t change the dimensions of freedom struggle or have any bearing on Kashmir issue, a statement issued by the amalgam said.

“Lamenting at politicians in Delhi, Geelani said that  though they are hell-bent to strangulate  aspirations of people but they and their stooges failed,” the statement quoted Geelani as having said.

He said that people have never accepted Indian hegemony   and nor they believe in their democracy, the statement said.

The octogenarian leader said that the Election Commission of India is spending lavishly and luring voters and with the result the corruption in state is at its peak.

“Though they are luring the helpless voters, yet they won’t achieve anything instead it will bring a big shame for them,” said Geelani.

 “Referring to the present abject situation in Kashmir, Geelani added that India since last 67 years is holding these elections with its military might, stubbornness and arrogance and added that these elections carry no legal and moral justification,” the statement further added.

Referring to elections held in year 1987, he said that international community stands witness about the fact that   Indian authorities manipulated the said elections and instead of achieving overwhelming majority by resistance camp, “India with their oppression declared their stooges as victorious”.

While commenting upon the participation of electorate and percentage of votes casted Geelani said that the authorities  are exaggerating the figures. “These figures are not  correct and we out rightly reject these figures,” said Geelani and added that election commission of India has lost its credibility.

“People in Jammu and Kashmir will pursue   their freedom right with full determination and these so-called elections won’t have any bearing on our steadfastness. The majority have their faith in freedom struggle, declared Geelani and they have presented enormous sacrifices and instead of making any compromise with their motive they will guard and revere these sacrifices.”

Geelani in his statement advised people and stressed that people need to be cautious and should demonstrate  faith in movement  as ‘we have made sacrifices and India  on the other hand is hell-bent to make these sacrifices  go waste’.

He said that local stooges are bartering for their interests and it is obligatory for people to be cautious about their deceit and show strong resistance against their treacherous character and reaffirm faith with ongoing struggle.


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