PDP to Carry Forward it’s own Model of Development, Peace: Mufti


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Asserting that his aim is to transform Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘progressive’ state, Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Sunday said that his party, once in power, will carry forward it’s own model of development and peace which is initiated in 2002.

“Political parties are projecting one model or the other and promising Jammu and Kashmir to be developed at par with some of the other states. But PDP established its own model of development, peace and prosperity when it came to power in 2002,” a party statement quoting Mufti while addressing series of public meetings at RS Pura, Suchetgarh  and Jammu West constituencies in support of party candidates Bhushan Dogra, Sardar Trilok Singh Bajwa and Dhaman Bhasin.

People listening to PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed in a rally in Jammu on Sunday.
People listening to PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed in a rally in Jammu on Sunday.

He said that the model established and proved by the PDP, despite all odds and having just 16 MLAs, in 2002 is “best suited” for Jammu and Kashmir and the participation of people in the ongoing polls is appreciation of this fact, the statement said.

“The present regime led by National Conference (NC) has derailed the process of peace and development in the state and it is very unfortunate that the state government has also failed to carry forward the agenda of peace initiated by previous PDP-led regime,” Mufti said while referring to the peace established by his government along the Indo- Pakistan border proving much need relief to the border residents.

He said that PDP, during its tenure of just three years, had proved how to provide corruption-free governance to the people by bringing total transparency and accountability in the functioning of the government.

Mufti said policies and programmes of PDP were formulated by incorporating wishes and aspirations of all sections of the society.

“Those who are talking these days about model of governance should keep in mind that PDP, during its short span of just three years, had set an example of good governance wherein every individual was provided with the equal opportunity of growth and development”, he said.

He said that PDP entered into alliance with Congress not only to assume power but to transform the aspirations of people into reality. “We formulated Common Minimum Programme and ensured that the policies are implemented on ground”.

He said that PDP led regime during its tenure of just three years, from 2002 to 2005, had made Jammu and Kashmir as model state by bringing transparency and accountability in the governance, the statement added.

“The much publicised Gujarat Model, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi had implemented in Gujarat during his tenure as Chief Minister, was implemented by PDP led regime in its three year tenure in Jammu and Kashmir”, Mufti said.

Reiterating his resolve to institutionalize transparency and accountability in the governance, Mufti said that in its tenure of just three years PDP had proved how to deliver a good, effective and corruption free governance to the people.

He said that PDP had shown the way for strengthening democratic and constitutional institutions in the State by initiating various revolutionary steps during its short span in the power.

Complimenting people for their participation in the four phases of elections held so far, the PDP patron said that the trust and confidence shown by electorate on his party was the guiding force to transform Jammu and Kashmir as an island of peace and prosperity.

He also congratulated Government of India, Election Commission of India, state administration and all the agencies who were involved in the poll process for successful and smooth conduct of four phases of elections.

Mufti reminded the people that his government had equipped the people with required law to wage war against corruption and nib this evil in the bud.

“We empowered people legally to scan the government functionaries from Chief Minister to the lowest ranking official by constituting State Accountability Commission (SAC)”, he said, adding, “This was the first strong anti-corruption initiative taken by any government in the whole country”.

He added that J&K, during the regime of PDP, became the first state in the country to constitute strong anti-draft institution by delegating adequate powers to the SAC.

He reminded the people during its tenure PDP had provided a corruption free transparent system to the people. Similarly the RTI Act was passed by the State legislature in 2004 where as at the national level RTI law was passed in 2005.

He said that it was all due to the good governance of PDP that peoples’ faith in democratic institutions was restored and there was political stability in the State during the tenure of PDP led regime.

“PDP led regime had set an example of good governance in the J&K by providing a corruption free accountable system to the people”, he said.

While pointing out that present regime has brazenly sold jobs by encouraging corruption, Mufti made it a point to remind that 70,000 Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers were appointed. Similarly more than 40000 Anganwari workers were also appointed but not even a single case of favoritism and nepotism was highlighted. “We institutionalized the recruitment process to ensure that only deserving and meritorious candidate should be recruited”, he said.

Mufti said that establishing transparency in public life and providing corruption free government was the centre point of governance for the PDP. “We had provided a government that delivered on all every fronts”, he observed.

At Biaspur-Parlah in Suchetgarh assembly segment, Mufti highlighted miseries being faced by the border residents and reminded the people that it was only during the regime of PDP that there was complete calm and peace on the borders from Kathua to Kargil.

He said that a new chapter of friendship and trust in India Pakistan relations was written with the initiatives of the then Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee during PDP led regime.

 Responding to the demands of locals at Suchetgarh, Mufti promised that PDP, if voted to power, this belt would be developed as Basmati Growth Zone. He also assured that PDP government would ensure that farmers of border areas would cultivate their land up-to Zero Line and also assured on-spot recruitments in border areas.

Highlight some points of the election manifesto of the party, Mufti said that his party has promised to give minority status to Sikhs. He also promised to develop Suchetgarh border point as tourist destination like Wagha border.


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