SRINAGAR: The Srinagar district administration reached out to and held interactive sessions with religious heads and heads of places of worship in all Tehsils across the district.

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Srinagar administration holds interactive sessions with religious, civil society heads

The aim of the interactive sessions to urge these heads to be messengers and sensitise the masses about the critical need to follow precautions to prevent spread and contraction of COVID-19.

The sessions were held in all Tehsils across the district witnessing considerable participation therein. Religious heads of all places of worship belonging to all different faiths attended the sessions and took part in interactions and deliberations held on the occasion.

In Khanyar tehsil Deputy Commissioner Srinagar chaired the interactive session in which besides religious heads of places of worship from the across the Tehsil civil society members and other respectable citizens were also present as participants.

Speaking on the occasion the DC said that COVID-19 is now a part of life at least till a vaccine becomes available and since lockdown and restrictions cannot be enforced forever following all precautions as due gains crucial significance.

He urged all religious and other heads to assist the administration in efforts to sensitise the masses about the dangers of taking the novel coronavirus for granted and the critical need to follow all precautions and guidelines to prevent its spread and contraction.

Referring to religious heads of mosques and gurdwaras and temples and churches who were present on the occasion Dr Shahid said people listen to them and believe in their words and messages and urged them to use their influence in spreading awareness and encouraging a culture of preventions.

In other Tehsils concerned Tehsildars and other senior officers chaired the interactive sessions. The significant participation of religious and other heads as well as respectable members of civil societies was witnessed in each Tehsil.

During these sessions, the importance of social distancing, using of face masks, washing of hands with soap, avoiding the crowd and social gatherings among other guidelines were emphasised. The participants were urged to propagate these messages and help the administration in its efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 disease.

In each of these interactive sessions held across the district suggestions and feedback were also sought from participants and representatives and heads of mohallas. These suggestions and feedback were noted for incorporation in guidelines and improvements in services and efforts put in place on the ground.

The administration shared its future plans and strategies with participants in each interactive session and urged all citizens to support it in its sincere efforts. The participants in all these interactive sessions assured the administration of their full support and assistance to reach out to masses and spread the message of precautions and guidelines.

Concerned SHOs and other senior officers were also present in the interactive sessions in their respective Tehsils.


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