Cricket makes Kashmir calm, tense


SRINAGAR: As India and Pakistan are going to fight over the British pitch for the finals of ICC Champions Trophy finals, Kashmir is gradually and silently getting tense. Those certain roads were crowded dring the day, thinning has started. People have started moving home.

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Regardless of who wins and losses, the tensest situation is because of the thousands of students studying outside. Once they get into spectator tensions, there have been ugly situation in the past. Students were rusticated and arrested in past which is the main factor why Kashmir wears a gloomy look every time India and Pakistan have a cricket match.

Authorities are also very concerned. In all the hostels, authorities have made arrangements that the match doe not lead to any kind of crisis. The arrangements are stricter in areas where there is diversity of students, for instance the IIT Srinagar.

IIT authorities have banned the movement of the students in the premises after 5 pm. They have locked the main door, for which a formal order has been issued. IIT has huge non local student population that lives in the hostels.

Families having their wards enrolled outside have been frantically speaking to them suggesting them not to display their emotions during the match. Some of them have flown their wards back home for a few days. Silently, there is a lot activism within the student fraternity. Various groups have emerged counseling students to stay neutral for the sake of career and safety. Even the police is edgy because it normally has to take over to manage the reaction to any bad things that happens around.

Off late, the cricket match celebrations have triggered interventions by the army and the trend was reported from various places in south Kashmir. This is added a new angle to the cricket in Kashmir.


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