CRPF to save us from our own brethren is a tragedy: Malik


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Condemning the sectarian clashes in parts of Srinagar, JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Thursday said it is a tragedy that CRPF is required to save a brother from a brother.

“This is a big tragedy and shame for us that today CRPF personnel from UP Bihar and other Indian states stand on our door steps to safeguard our property and families, as we face danger not from any enemy but from our own Muslim brethren,” Malik said in a statement.

“Condemning and protesting on this blasphemy is a right of every Muslim but how is it reasonable and based on wisdom that Muslims rather than condemning the criminal act of the company start fighting between themselves.” Malik asked.  “Is it honorable for us that today we fear our own Muslims and some CRPF has to guard our houses and families.”

Malik said that we had detected long before that some agencies were desperate to divide the Muslims of J&K in the name of sects and that is why we are keeping close contact with every sect and always trying to guard the unity among Muslims.

“Everyone knows that there are some miscreants and trouble makers who are always keen to divide Muslims, but at the same time we know that they are a minority. It is high time for the reasonable and right thinking people of our society to come out of their slumber and put their efforts together and extinguish this dangerous fire,” said Yasin Malik. He added “If we fail to stand for this just cause as early as possible no Mosque, Imam Barah or Khankah will be safe”.


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