Those who cry over horrible incidents spearheaded killings: Shah

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The chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah Sunday paid tributes to Sajad Ahmad Kenu on his 21st death anniversary saying “we’re indebted to the sacrifices of our martyrs and committed to take their mission forward”.

Shabir Ahmad Shah

In a statement issued to press, Shah said, “Our martyrs sacrificed their lives for the honour of Islam and to liberate Jammu Kashmir. These sacrifices are enough to awake the conscience of the world leadership but unfortunately the international community doesn’t pressure India much to resolve the Kashmir issue which ultimately boosts the morale of India and its collaborators to continue playing with the lives of innocent people.”

He also paid tributes to youth kiiled in 2016, saying their sacrifices won’t be allowed to go waste. He said those who used to raise hue and cry over such “horrible” incident themselves spearheaded hundreds of innocent killings last year.

Strongly condemning the continuous and human rights violations in Jammu Kashmir by India and its collaborators, Shah express lament that despite increasing political uncertainty in the South Asia, the world community continues to sideline the “human” issue “just for business interests”. “We still hope that world leadership takes cognisance of the grave situation in Kashmir,” he said.

Meanwhile, a DFP spokesperson criticised authorities for re-arresting Sarjan Barkati saying the government is scared of the pro-freedom personality. “The democracy and freedom of speech of which the pro-India elements are beating the drums is nothing but a deception,” he said.



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