Crying For 370 Good, But What About Eroded Autonomy? Tarigami

KL Report


“Crying hoarse against abrogation of Article 370 is good, but making serious efforts for restoration of eroded Autonomy would have been much more momentous.”

This was stated by State Secretary of CPI(M), M Y Tarigami here on Friday. He said it is appreciable that the political leadership of the state has taken a strong exception to Communal BJP’s call for scrapping of Article 370, but it is our considered opinion that serious efforts by the same leadership to facilitate restoration of eroded Autonomy in its original form would have been much more significant.

“It is an admitted fact that while fascist forces have been always trying to scuttle the constitutional guarantees to Jammu and Kashmir, the successive secular regimes in the country have also been responsible for the denial of autonomy and spoiling the spirit of Article 370,” Tarigami said adding “Even the limited assurance given in the agreement of 1974, was not fulfilled. There was a reference in the 1974 agreement between J&K and Delhi to “sympathetically considering amendments or repeal of some category of central laws extended to the state after 1953 as the state legislature decides. Even this was not done.”

He said that the stoic silence maintained in this regard and the skin deep faith in their demand for restoration of this Article of faith is reflected by the lack of conviction to work and press for this demand more vociferously after a regime in Delhi contemptuously turned down the State legislature’s resolution on the restoration of the eroded autonomy.

“BJP’s communal credentials need no authenticity and there is no doubt about the fact that the party is hell-bent to destabilize the country with their fascist agenda. But a question can be asked to those who cry hoarse about Article 370. Have you ever made a serious attempt to mobilize the opinion in the country for restoration of State’s autonomy to its original form which has been eroded during the years beyond recognition and remains in form and not substance?,” Tarigami said.

“It is regrettable that over the years, the provisions of this Article have seen continuous erosion. This has led to a considerable degree of dissatisfaction amongst the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It is abundantly clear that from 1953 onwards, especially in sixties, the process of erosion of the State autonomy began rapidly and on massive scale. The assault on the State autonomy has to be and must be undone,” he said.


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