Cultural Aggression Alarming Than Presence of 7 Lakh Troops: MDM



Terming the “cultural aggression” in Jammu and Kashmir much alarming than the presence of 7 lakh troops, separatist organization Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) in a statement issued here said that the “real strength of India” does not lie in the territorial nationalism but in cultural nationalism.

“The Geographical unity of was achieved by the Mughals and the British and thus for Hindu Nationalism it is of secondary importance,” the statement said Wednesday evening. “The Indian rulers, intelligentsia and the media in Jammu and Kashmir are working to develop and propagate Indian culture here.”

“India intends to achieve two goals through it .Reviving the Hindu culture prevalent in Jammu and Kashmir before 1339 which would itself lead to the second and important goal of cultural assimilation of Jammu and Kashmir,” the statement added.

It further read that the 68 year old conflict “between Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir and Indian state” needs to be understood in the “cultural perspective more than the cultural dimension”. “India wants to propagate Sufi Islam in Jammu and Kashmir in order to make inroads for the Vedic philosophy as the prevalent Sufism is infested with Vedic teachings.”


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