Govt Must Ensure Electric Supply as per Schedule: NC



Stating that Kashmir is going through unprecedented power outages in both rural as well as its urban areas, National Conference Wednesday expressed concern over the lacksidal approach of state government in addressing the problem.

In a statement issued Wednesday evening, National Conference said, “it seems the government which had earlier issued a standard power cut schedule has forgotten to implement it. Instead they have resorted to a massive unscheduled power cuts across the valley. The situation is equally worse in both metered and non-metered areas of rural as well as urban Kashmir.”

While calling for immediate action from the authorities concerned the NC statement said, “the crisis has compounded further owing to prevalent sub-zero temperature in the valley where people particularly the young and the old are being forced to shiver in cold. Students who have to appear for various competitive exams are also feeling dejected,” adding, “there is total chaos among trader community particularly the much vaunted tourism sector. It is in abysmal state where state has failed to provide basic necessary facilities of round the clock power services.”

“The situation in rural areas is far worse with most of the villages and towns getting no electricity for days together. The situation has gone from bad to worse over the past few weeks,” it said adding, “it is the government which needs to take a call on this and take immediate corrective measures before it is too late as peoples patience is running out.”

“In these chilling months when Kashmir and its people are going through the harshest times of the year, PDP legislators and minsters from Kashmir have left for Jammu thereby rendering their constituents in distress. All they are concerned about right now is their individual self-defeating the very purpose of an elected representative whose job should have been to ensure well-being of those who voted for them,” the statement further said.


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