Kashmir Jailed in a Lawless Island: Rasheed



Paying tributes to the Sopore martyrs of 6th January 1993, who got butchered at the hands of security forces at Sopore and adjoining areas, MLA Langate and AIP chief Er Rasheed Wednesday reiterated that “sacrifices will not go waste and India and Pakistan will have to resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with the aspirations and sentiments of the Kashmiri people”.

Rasheed was addressing at two separate meetings at Zaloora and Latishart Sopore, organised to pay tributes to the innocent heroes who lost their lives on the black day of 6th January 1993, an AIP statement said this evening.

“The day should act as an eye-opener for the champions of human rights and those who are crying victims of terrorism, as while whole of the India is discussing the Pathankot attack at the hands of non-state actors but nobody talks about the brutalities of those who were wearing uniform and massacred dozens of innocent civilians in Sopore on 6th January 1993 and set ablaze the whole historic market. No one better than Kashmiris can feel the pain of the families including those of killed in Pathankot attack, as they have suffered worst but feel really let down when their killers are being given clean chits, promotions, rewards and impunity under the cover of so called nationalism and national interest,” he said.

He appealed intellectuals and those whose voices matter in and outside India to find answers that “where did killers of Kashmiris disappear and while talking about Pathankot and other attacks they should also raise their voices for innocent Kashmiris who have been jailed in a lawless island”.


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