Daily Wager Strike: Crowd Breaks Into Pro-Freedom Slogans As Yasin Malik Visits



Yasin Malik Tuesday became the first pro-freedom leader to visit the protesting daily wagers who have been on hunger strike inside Pratap Park for many days demanding regularization.

Malik stormed the tent with his coterie interrupting the speech of MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yusuf Tarigami who had reached a short while before to express his solidarity with the protesters.

But it was Malik’s entry that set the tone inside the tent.

The crowd erupted with pro-freedom slogans but was soon shushed up by the organizers, fearful of a possible government reprisal.

After Tarigami finished his speech, Malik took the dice and hollered to a clapping audience. “There are sentiments against India in Kashmir,” he said. “It is deliberate policy of the government to keep you engaged in protests and hunger strikes to give an impression that there is an employment problem in Kashmir.”

Malik reproached the protesters for cutting short the pro-freedom slogans. “When every single individual in Kashmir shouted those slogans in 2010, India literally came down to our knees luring us with jobs, scholarships and other things,” he said. “Don’t feet hesitant in expressing yourself out.”

Precisely these slogans will fetch you what you have been demanding here for days now, he said towards the end. After Malik concluded, pro-freedom slogans reverberated again.


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