Daily wagers protest over non payment of salary


Casual labours of irrigation and flood control department on Monday held a protest demonstration outside press colony Srinagar.

Scores of the employees assembled outside press colony demanding an immediate release of long pending wages.

“We have survived with the meagre salaries till now, why isn’t govt paying any heed towards us,” said an anguish protester.

Employees also said that the funds allotted to them by the government are very less and wages they are being provided are not sufficient for their livelihood.

“Despite working round the clock it’s so unfortunate that we were never acknowledged by the government,” said another Protestant.

Another protester said that no one can raise a family with the wages they are being provided. He said that markets rates have gone much high but the salary has remained same for several years.

“Tell us what shall we do? How can we feed our family and kids? We request authorities to think about us,” he said.


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