DAK Elections To Be Held On November 11

SRINAGAR:  Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) will hold its organisational elections on November 11,2021 according to the statement.

The statement reads that apropos to the meeting held on October 22, 2021 and subsequent decisions taken upon in that meeting election Commission by virtue of its constitutional authority declares that elections to the two  important bodies representing doctors viz Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) and Jammu Kashmir Society of Consultant Doctors (JKSCD)  will be conducted simultaneously across all the districts in a format.

“Each medical officer will use two ballots one  for district body and another for central executive council. While as a  consultant will in addition to these two ballots,  use  a third one to vote for JKSCD. Each doctor who is going to vote will  go to the specified designated box and vote after proving his identity to the authorised person there,” reads the statement.

“First ballot will be to vote  and choose for Central executive Council of Doctors Association Kashmir which comprise of; President, Senior Vice President, Vice President (2 each),  Gen. Secretary, Joint Secretary (4 each), Chief Spokesperson, Media Coordinator,” it reads.

“Second ballot paper  will be to vote and choose district executive council  of DAK comprising of District President, District VP, District Secretary and District Treasurer,” it added.

“Third ballot paper will be to vote and choose central  executive council of  JKSCD comprising of President, Vice President, Genral Secretary, Joint secretary, Spokesperson,” reads the statement.

“This  election will be held 11-11- 2021 between  10am to 4 pm.  Counting of votes and declaration of results will be done on 12-11-2021 at Srinagar. All district election officers (DEOs) shall be returning officers for  their respective districts All DDOs are requested to facilitate the election  process. All doctors (Regular and NHM )can vote for Doctors Association Kashmir(Allopathic and dentistry only),” it reads.

“Contesting fee for the candidates is fixed as follows; President rupees 1500/ and other positions rupees1000/,” it added.

According to statement the nominations will be accepted from NHM and private sector to the Central  Executive council subject to the aproval of  representative of  elected CEC of DAK.

“Two representatives each will be nominated to  DAK CEC from JDA and RDA which  shall be ratified by DAK CEC,” it said.

“In case there is no/less response or any other condition that may impede / defer or call off the stated elections then by virtue of DAK constitution status pre election notification  of both DAK and JKSCD shall be restored spontaneously,” reads the statement.



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