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Calling the Supply of superiors drugs as a deliberate plot of genocide in Kashmir valley ,Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) on Monday urged Separatist leaders to  raise voice against the scam and to expose the culprits which they said had the blessings of the Senior Congress Minster Sham Lal Sharma. The association also ridiculed Director Health Services Kashmir for ‘downplaying’ the scam. “Sham Lal Sharma is directly involved in the Scam and he along with the culprit Ashok Sharma is a stake holder in killing Kashmiri people.” DAK President Dr.Nisar ul Hassan said in a press conference on Monday at Srinagar. He alleged that there was a  mafia working  behind the supply of these superiors drugs to the valley hospitals and said that Govt. has been maintaining a ‘criminal’ silence over the issue only to shield the tainted ministers and officers. “They are killing Kashmiris intentionally and openly.” alleged Dr. Nisar. He also said that even Drug Licenses are being issued fraudulently against the bribes thus compromising the health of the Kashmiri patients.

He lashed out at the legislators saying, instead of making ‘mockery’ of the scam in assembly, they should be serious and initiate action against the culprits. He said,  by virtue of such things, the honorable profession of Medicine has come to disrepute and the people were now looking at doctors with a suspicion. They further revealed that there was another drug ‘ CURECEF’ anti biotic injection which tested superiors. He said that after 2011, the state govt. stopped the supply of this life saving drug to the  Lal Ded, G.B Panth and SHMS hospitals which stands a testimony to the fact that the drug was of sub standard quality.

The Dak Association president flanked by Gen. Secretary Dr. Fayaz Ahmad urged Separatist leaders to raise voice against the scam and said every citizen should stand up against it and the people, businessmen, and other people should take part in the band.

The association alleged that Former Health Minister Sham Lal Sharma should resign from the ministry.
The DAK president also castigated Dir. Health Services for ‘downplaying’ the scam, and said, “If you want to be in Kashmir, you should play a role in exposing the culprits.” Dr. Nasrul Hassan suggested to Dr. Saleem ur Rehman.


  1. sir the superious drug scam is a matter of concern because major section of papulation is directly linked with the issue. But there is another problem in the system which i think is not less important i.e inadequate drug supply to rural health centres. Where patient get antibiotics for one day as per qotta next day there is no mdicine of same ragime for the pt with the result pt give up taking medicine and develop drug resistance. This way govt healti centre help produce more and more drvg resistant microbes.


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