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Months after it hinted of a merger with National Conference, Begum Khalida Shah led Awami National Conference on Monday made it clear that any relation with the ruling Party in the prevailing political scenario  was a remote possibility. It however extended its support to the formation of a Third Front, saying, all the major mainstream parties have failed people making the offing of political alternative in the state inevitable.

“NC has lost its credibility and has been rejected by people, so where is the possibility of merging with it.” ANC Vice President Muzaffer Shah told KNS. He added that all the leading parties including NC, PDP and Congress had failed people and did not deserve to lead the state anymore.

“They killed Afzal Guru and now are beating the chest for the return of the mortal remains. They make mockery of the sentiment of the people.” Shah added.

He ridiculed PCC Chief Saif ud din Soz’s claims of forming the next government, saying all the three major mainstream parties have lost the plot and were befooling people.

Hinting of the formation of third front in the state, Muzafer Shah told KNS that the time has come to provide an alternative to the people of the state, Muzafer Shah revealed that people are in contact with him and efforts were on to form  third front ahead of the 2014 elections.

Lashing out at Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, Muzaffer Shah said that it was unfortunate to see Chief Minister expressing his helplessness.

Shah said, that if Omar was seriously feeling betrayed by Congress, he should have left without wasting time.

“Mosque in the Jammu Secretariat was a symbol of Secularism, and it was unfortunate to see that symbol being demolished during Omar’s rule.”  Asserted Shah. He said people have now realised that National Conference has axed their sentiment and can’t be expected to do good for them.


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