DAK welcomes Health Minster’s statement; says seniority needs to be restored

KL News network


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Monday welcomed the statement of Hon’ble Heath Minster in which he has assured that seniority of doctors will be restored and all those junior officers who have occupied important administrative posts will be demoted.

While hailing the statement, Dr GM Mir, president DAK, as per a statement, has said, “ We are hopeful that government will show intent to come out with a comprehensive policy regarding appointments of administrators in the department of Health. It is pertinent to mention here that most of the administrative posts in health department are either occupied by juniors or those who are politically connected thus throwing rules to winds.”

DAK as per statement alleges there is ‘no policy’ with regard to these crucial appointments and nepotism and favouritism has marred the department.

DAK however has appealed the health minster to take this process to its logical conclusion so that hierarchy is maintained and seniors don’t get demoralized which will ultimately help in creating healthy environment in the department.


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