#Day 45: Kashmir Completes Three Fortnights Under Curfew, Strike



Irfan Malik AnganSituation exhibits no change as Kashmir completes three fortnights under curfew and strikes amid gun rattling and pellet showers. The killing of a young man Sunday evening in old Srinagar has added to the crisis as the death toll has mounted to 68.

Authorities have imposed strict curfew restrictions in old city to prevent any escalation after Irfan’s killing in a tear smoke shell. Irfan was an orphan who was making a living by driving auto. His killing had triggered serious nocturnal protests in the entire belt. Thousands of people, mostly youth had flouted curfew restrictions to join his funeral prayers, first at Jamia Masjid and latter at Eidgah, where he was laid to rest late last night. Irfan lived in Malik Angan.

The eldest of four siblings, two of them sisters, Irfan had relatives in Malarata where he was hit by a tear smoke shell from very close range. He was driven to SMHS through Kawdara and later he died in the hospital.

“This was the biggest ever funeral processions in Srinagar,” one journalist who lives in the area and was part of the funeral prayers said. “Entire Jamia was stuffed by people and the entire lawns were full.”

The journalist said for the first time he could not reach a place where he could see the coffin or the Imam who lead the funeral prayers. “People had come from all the old city localities started from Ahmad Nagar and I could see people from entire Srinagar,” the journalist said. “There were more than ten thousand females on the roads till the funeral prayers were over.”

The crowds started thinning after the Jinaza was over. There was no violence reported from anywhere. Police or the paramilitary was not seen anywhere.

Later a few thousand people took the coffin to Eidgah where another huge gathering was waiting for the funeral prayers.

Curfew restrictions continues in uptown as well but the police and paramilitary manning the drop-gates at the main roads are less restrictive on Monday as far as movement of cars is concerned.

Early morning a couple of employee leaders were seen shouting slogans against the use of pellet guns in the Press Colony. Police whisked them away into cars to the neighbouring police station.

Reports from peripheral districts said the curfew continues as the cops and CRPF are guarding the drop-gates on all sides of the city.

Officials said the curfew restrictions would continue across Kashmir without any relaxation.

Certain city areas where there was no relaxation in curfew for last many weeks, people are feeling problems in managing the basic requirements.

Omar Abdullah, NC working president, is meeting the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as head of a delegation of Kashmir opposition parties within the unionist flock. He has already met president Pranab Mukherji and Rahul Gandhi.


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