#Day116: Basketball Tournament Inaugurated at Indoor Stadium




The Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council (JKSSC) Tuesday inaugurated the Basketball Championship tournament at Indoor Stadium Srinagar.

The tournament will run from 1st November to 3rd November 2016, a statement issued by JKSSC. Around 100 participants were present during the inaugural ceremony of the tournament.

On this occasion, Secretary Sports Council Waheed Ur Rehman Para appreciated the efforts of organizers and said that the tournament is open for all age groups and for both the genders.

“Jammu and Kashmir State Sports Council promotes Sports activities in the State among the students and non- student youth. Our main aim is to create and maintain social inclusion and engagement of youth, which will lead to substantial development of social capital. We are trying our best to make impact in the areas of physical health, cognitive and academic development, mental strengthening, and positive channelization of Youth energy and making substantial contribution towards the development of society,” said Secretary J&K State Sports Council.

He further said, “youth is our endeavour to uphold and create ample opportunities for Kashmir’s youth. We want to create new avenues and opportunities for youth. And we are desperate to have sports stadiums in every place, where youth are eager for sports and are shunning the drug addictions.”

On day one, five (5) matches were played in which Kashmir Nights defeated little warriors with a score of 21/18.

In second match, Jaw Hawks defeated Sanat Nagar Club with a score of 21/19.

Similarly, in third match, Ring Crushers defeated Hoop Breakers with a score of 11/08. The fourth match was won by Narcos which defeated Lal Bazar with a score of 21/06 and the fifth match was won by Lions which defeated Bulls with a score of 21/05.


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