#Day27: Doctors Dispatch ‘Kashmir Situation’ To Intl Health Organizations



KL Images: Bilal Bahadur
KL Images: Bilal Bahadur

The Kashmir based doctors are sending memorandum to international health organizations including WHO, informing them about the current crisis this Himalayan region is witnessing since July 09, 2016.

GMC Doctors4

Addressing scores of doctors who held protest demonstration against the civilian killings in Kashmir in Srinagar, one of the doctors said that the memorandum will detail about the civilian killings, number of injured and nature of injuries.

GMC Doctors

Holding placards that seek end of human rights “violations” in Kashmir, the doctors said, “pellets are used against animals but in Kashmir it is being used against animals.”

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The memorandum prepared by the doctors of Government Medical College said that at lets 53 civilians have been killed by forces while around 5000 have been injured of which 773 have been received by SHMS Srinagar.

GMC Doctors 2

The memorandum reads that 289 have been hit by pellets in eyes while 264 have been hit in other parts of body.

Out of 5000 injured, 61 have bullet injuries while29 have been hit by tear gas shells. 37 persons have been injured by stones while 77 persons have been physically beaten by armed forces.

GMC Doctors5

“Nobody can tell the tale of this horror better than a doctor who receives and treats the victims in the hospital and witness the agony of the patient and the suffering of his family members,” the memorandum reads.

“Doctor community has been exposed to worst kind of mental trauma, be it disclosing the news of a young victim’s death to his parents or the news of permanent blindness or handicapped to the victim himself,” it added.

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