#Day33: Kashmir Well Off Than Most Of India, Geelani to Modi



Geelani during press briefing at his Hyderpora residence on Wednesday condemning 31st PSA on Masarat Alam Bhat. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)
Geelani during press briefing at his Hyderpora residence on Wednesday condemning 31st PSA on Masarat Alam Bhat. (KL file Image: Bilal Bahadur/KL)

Reacting sharply to the Indian Prime Minister’s statement that “development will solve the Kashmir issue”, All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g), chairperson Syed Ali Geelani has said it is “ridiculous and irresponsible on part of Mr Modi to look into the Kashmir issue through his fake rhetoric of development”.

“Mr Modi should be in know (how) of the fact that we are financially much better than most of the states in India,” Hurriyat patriarch said in a statement issued Tuesday late night.

He further said that “had India not deprived us of our own resources we would have been able to feed other states as well”.

Commenting on breaking his criminal silence “so late” on the human loss and “dance of death” throughout the state, blinding innocent kids and injuring thousands of youth, Geelani said, “his inner beast of 2002 Gujarat is still thriving in him despite becoming Prime Minister of India.”

Referring to the statement that boys should have laptops instead of stones, Geelani said, “your killer forces have made them blind forever. They will curse you and your country for rest of their lives.”

While commenting on the BJP statement that “deal Kashmir issue with iron hands”, the ailing Geelani said, “we are being handled rather manhandled with iron hands for the last 7 decades, but your lust of blood is still not satisfied and you continue to crush us with heavy boots.”

Geelani reminded the “fanatic and fascist” people of BJP that history is witness to the fact that no power on earth, no matter how cruel and barbaric that be has ever succeeded in curbing the freedom sentiments and who else more than you know it better.

“You have tried every weapon in your armoury, but sorry, you have utterly failed till now and you will fail in future as well,” Geelani asserted.

Referring to the statement of probe in recent killings by “some PDP Minister”, Geelani advised “this poor chap to remain within his limits and don’t poke his nose in the matter least concerned to him”.

“We have had these political gimmicks of probes for the past so many decades and we can’t be fooled by these hollow slogans. We will fight hard to break the Indian forcible occupation come what may,” he said.

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