#Day35: Bar Association appeals world bodies to ‘rescue’ Kashmiris


Senior advocate Mian Abdul Qayoom      Photo: Bilal Bahadur
HCBA president advocate Mian Abdul Qayoom 

Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association (HCBA), Srinagar on Friday said that “Kashmir is neither an integral part of India nor are the happenings in Kashmir an internal matter of India and in this regard reference to the Constitution of J&K is totally misconceived, irrelevant and redundant.”

This was stated by Mian Abdul Qayoom, President of the Bar Association, in an Executive Committee meeting which was held here today to discuss the issue in the context of what was stated by the Parliament members in the Rajya Sabha.

The Bar President also stated that ever since from 1931, Kashmiris have been engaged in a relentless strife against their continuous subjugation.

“Their zest and zeal, sense of solidarity and the spirit of sacrifice for attainment of freedom has reached the zenith in recent months, thanks to ever mounting tyranny and torture which is being meted out to them, by India and its brute forces.”

He said the devising of any Economic Package for the people of Kashmir or bringing into Kashmir any Tourist Traffic, has all along been the policy of Indian authorities to strengthen their “unlawful” hold of Kashmir.

“The establishment of Sainik Colonies and Resettlement of Kashmiri Pandits in separate clusters or implementing the Industrial policy are all tools of repression, which have been rightly rejected by the people of Kashmir.”

Condemning the “atrocities being committed on the people of Kashmir”, Qayoom requested the International Community to come to the “rescue” of the people of Kashmir and ask India to fulfill its promise, made to the people of Kashmir at the International fora, as well as both inside and outside the Parliament, to bring peace to the Sub-Continent and also to avoid any Nuclear War, between the two neighbouring countries, on the issue of Kashmir.

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