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CM Mehbooba Mufti with APD in Srinagar on Sep 4, 2016

In the 30-member delegation that has representation from 20 parties, there are some prominently missing.

Two UP based parties led by Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mayawati have not sent anybody to visit Kashmir as part of the delegation that is currently in Srinagar.

Political sources in Srinagar said that the two parties having significant vote bank with the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh (UP) want to stay insulated from Kashmir, “for electoral reasons”.

“They do not want to land in any controversy in their Muslim belts because of the killings of Muslims in Kashmir,” one NC leader who was part of the delegation that met the visiting lawmakers said.

“Connecting Kashmir with elections is a major crisis and it might remain like this. Nobody wants to lose because of Kashmir.”

While BJP’s inaction on Kashmir is being attributed to the forthcoming elections in UP and Gujarat, many political analysts feel that a hard posturing in Kashmir could actually help it perform in the twin states better!


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