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At least three army men were injured after an army convoy was attacked by unknown gun men in North Kashmir.

Reports reaching here said that an army convoy was on way to Srinagar via Baramulla when it came under attack near Kralgund village. An NDTV reports said that three army men were injured one of them critically.

There are orchards on both sides of the road where the attack on army convoy took place.

The reports said that the army men were air lifted to Army’s 92 –base hospital in Badambagh Srinagar.

“We heard some gun shots and an announcement was made on loud speaker that Army was attacked near Highway,” a news report quoting a local said.

After the convoy was attacked, intense search operations were launched in the area while as the army men flexed its muscles on drivers and bikers who were present on the spot at the time of attack.

Reports said that no one was being allowed to move towards the highway.

Local sources said that a man who was riding motor bicycle was injured when “he went out of control and sustained injuries in the accident” after the attack on convoy. He was shifted to local hospital for treatment.

Kashmir Life contacted Srinagar based defence spokesperson at least thrice but he did not respond.


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