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Geelani during press briefing at his Hyderpora residence on Wednesday condemning 31st PSA on Masarat Alam Bhat. (Photo: Bilal Bahadur/KL)
Syed Ali Geelani during a press conference at his Hyderpora area. (KL file Image: Bilal Bahadur)

Syed Ali Geelani on Saturday said that as the current uprising has entered third month, “occupying forces and their local stooges, as always, are in denial of the ground realities”.

“People whole heartedly and wilfully share the brunt of these harsh days and support this people’s movement to their maximum,” Geelani said in a statement issued by All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) this evening.

“Everybody including traders, employees, transporters, students, farmers and daily earners have sacrificed their life and livelihood in the interest of the sacred mission of Azadi,” ailing Hurriyat Conference chief said.

“I’m aware of the fact that in these tiring circumstances our transport brethren in labour class is affected most especially bus owners, drivers, auto and sumo owners and they have to face the hardest days of their life,” he said. “I am fully aware of the hardships, of our nation in general and these people in particular, have to face. I appeal in charges of the local Bait-ul-maals to assess their requirements and help them on priority basis. In case their own Bait-ul-Maals run short of funds they should approach the well-off units in their close vicinity and arrange for the needy people.”

The Hurriyat patriarch Geelani appealed the affluent class of the society to strengthen the local Bait-ul-Maals so that “we can self-help the affected people”. “We as a nation need to the optimistic and by the grace of Almighty Allah the Indian brute force will come to an end and we will Insha Allah get rid of this forceful military occupation.”

Meanwhile, the APHC-g statement said that Geelani telephonically addressed public gatherings in Kralpora and his native village Dooru Sopore where “armed forces and local police had resorted to indiscriminate shelling, burning of tents, taking away the sound system and trashing the people assembled for the peaceful Azadi congregation”.

“By the brutalities and un-paralleled force used on unarmed people, India and its local stooges have achieved nothing in the past and will not so in future also. Their shameful and deceitful acts have strengthened the resolve for our basic right, Right to Self Determination,” he said.


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