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A file photo of 'Kaman-Aman' Setu bridge.
A file photo of ‘Kaman-Aman’ Setu bridge.

The claims and counter-claims of “surgical raid” inside Pakistan administered Kashmir by Indian army, the routine cross Line of Control (LoC) remained unaffected on Thursday.

Union Defence Ministry early today claimed that the soldiers of Indian army carried out a “surgical operation inflicting significant casualties and heavy damages”. However, Pakistan said that India violated ceasefire which was retaliated.

But in North Kashmir’s Uri, the LoC trade remained untouched and at least 26 trucks crossed the Kaman-Aman Setu bridge in to Muzafarabad while as at least ten trucks from other side of divided Kashmir reached Salamabad Trade Facilitation Centre (SFC).

The LoC trade was suspended in July following massive public uprising and civilian killings by men in uniform, however, it was resumed on last Tuesday after more than two months of suspension.

Sources said that red chilli was the major export from this side of Kashmir to Muzaffarabad and other Pakistan markets.


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